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NXT WWE Results October 21 2020 winners

Benjamin Ukpabi




WWE NXT results Wednesday October 21 2020

NXT Triple Threat Match
Kushida vs. Velveteen Dream vs. Tommaso Ciampa
Tommaso Ciampa attacks Velveteen Dream as he makes his entrance. Ciampa sends him into the plexiglass around the ring. Ciampa puts Dream in the ring and double-teams him with Kushida, who was already in the ring. Ciampa sends Dream out of the ring and focuses on Kushida. Ciampa then gets out of the ring and continues to attack Dream. Kushida cuts him off, but Ciampa sends him into the barricade. Ciampa takes Dream’s injured wrist and slams it off the commentary table. Ciampa then knees Kushida in the head and attacks Dream again.

Ciampa gets Dream in the ring, but Kushida gets in as well. Kushida gets some offense in, but Ciampa knocks him back. Ciampa stomps on Dream’s wrist, which is wrapped in a purple cast. Kushida sends Ciampa into Dream and rolls him up for a two count. Kushida sends Ciampa into the ropes, but Kushida lowers his head. Ciampa hooks the head and takes Kushida down. Ciampa goes for a DDT on Kushida, but Dream grabs Kushida. Ciampa then hits a DDT on Kushida and Dream, who was hanging on the ropes, also (sort of) takes a DDT. Ciampa tries to cover both, but they kick out.

Ciampa twists the injured wrist of Dream and takes him down. Ciampa attacks Kushida in the corner, but Kushida reverses a whip to the opposite corner. Kushida avalanches him and goes for an arm bar, but Ciampa holds the ropes. Ciampa then thumbs him in the eye. Dream tries to cover Kushida, but Ciampa breaks it up. Ciampa gives Dream a suplex before grabbing Kushida and twisting his arm. Kushida fights up, but Ciampa sends him into the ropes. Kushida comes back with a sunset flip for a two count. Kushida puts Ciampa in the corner, but Dream attacks Kushida. Dream punches Ciampa and stomps Kushida. Dream sends Kushida into Ciampa and gyrates. Ciampa takes Dream down and chops the chest. Ciampa punches Kushida back and sandwiches him in the corner with Dream. Ciampa chops Kushida, and Dream, who is behind him, sells it too. Ciampa then starts actually chopping Dream. Kushida fights back and goes for a handspring back elbow on them, but they catch him. Dream hits a Dream Valley Driver on Kushida. Ciampa then hits Dream with a knee that sends him out of the ring.


We come back from the break to see Kushida knock Ciampa back from the apron before hitting Dream with a seated senton off the apron. Kushida applies a cross arm breaker to Dream at ringside and Dream taps out. Ciampa then attacks Dream while he’s tapping before stomping Kushida. Kushida comes back with an arm breaker on the floor on Ciampa and gets him in the ring. Kushida sends Ciampa into the ropes and hits a hip toss into the arm bar. Ciampa locks his hands to prevent the hold from being applied. Dream hits a Purple Rainmaker on Kushida from out of nowhere, but Ciampa breaks up the pin.

Ciampa goes for a Fairy Tale Ending on Dream, but Dream twists out and nearly hits the referee attempting a superkick. Ciampa rolls Dream up with a handful of tights for a near fall. Dream then stuns Ciampa with a superkick and hits the Dream Valley Driver. Dream covers Ciampa, but Kushida breaks it up.

Dream starts to gyrate while taunting Ciampa and Kushida. They fight him back before fighting each other. Ciampa big boots Dream, and Kushida knocks Ciampa out of the ring. Kushida hits a somersault senton on Dream before hitting one on Ciampa. Kushida gets in the ring and hits Dream with another somersault senton. As Kushida gets in the ring, Ciampa hits him with Willow’s Bell. Dream kicks Ciampa back and goes for Dream Valley Driver on Kushida, but Kushida counters into a roll-up for a near fall. Ciampa knocks Dream out of the ring and attacks Kushida. Ciampa goes for a Willow’s Bell on Dream, but Kushida attacks. Kushida knocks Ciampa into Dream. Dream hits Ciampa with his cast, knocking him loopy. Dream also falls off the apron. Kushida then hits a German Suplex with a bridge on the unconscious Ciampa for the win.

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Winner by Pinfall: Kushida (NXT)


NXT Jessi Kamea vs. Ember Moon
They lock up, and Moon takes her down before taunting her. Moon takes her down again, so Kamea fights back at her with some running back elbows. Kamea gets a one count and pats her on the head. Kamea applies a neck vice, but Moon flips out of it. Moon talks a little trash, hits the ropes, and hits a dropkick. Moon kicks her in the knee and hits a dropkick before hitting a running stomp. Moon connects with a standing moonsault for a two count. Moon applies a crossface, but Kamea won’t tap. Moon lets go and attacks her before applying an inverted single leg crab. Kamea rolls through and drives her into the corner. Moon tries to follow up with a senton splash, but Kamea moves. Kamea splashes her and hits a spinning heel kick. Kamea hits a springboard splash for a near fall.

Moon blocks a whip to the corner, but Kamea still sends her into it. Moon comes off the second rope with a double knee facebuster. Moon then applies an inverted sharpshooter into a chin lock for the submission.

Winner by Submission: Ember Moon (NXT)


NXT Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed
Theory pushes Reed at the sound of the bell and puts himself through the ropes to keep him back. Theory applies a side headlock.


Reed sends Theory to the corner, but Theory slingshots over him and dropkicks him. Theory attacks Reed, but Reed punches him back. Theory slides out of a body slam and chop blocks him. Theory then applies a modified chin lock. Reed powers up, but Theory takes him back down and keeps the modified chin lock applied. Reed punches out and reverses a whip before hitting a nice scoop powerslam. Reed follows up with a senton splash. Reed goes to the top rope, but Theory cuts him off. Theory goes for a superplex, but Reed fights it and knocks him off. Theory runs back, but Reed punches him down again. Reed hits a huge big splash off the top rope for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bronson Reed
Theory grabs a microphone and says he is the future of NXT and WWE. He’s only 23 and has done more in his career than Reed has in 15 years. Theory isn’t leaving until he beats Reed.

Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed
Theory attacks Reed getting in the ring, but Reed quickly fights back at him. Reed crushes him with a Samoan Drop to defeat Theory a second time.

Winner by Pinfall: Bronson Reed (NXT)



NXT 6-Man Tag Team Match
Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Jake Atlas, and Ashtane “Thee” Adonis vs. Legado Del Fantasma (NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza, and Joaquin Wilde)
The bell rings, and Legado Del Fantasma gets out of the ring and taunts them. Legado Del Fantasma surrounds the ring, but Scott gets in Escobar’s face. Scott brawls with Escobar at ringside and sends him into the barricade. In the ring, Adonis and Atlas brawl with Mendoza and Wilde.

Atlas and Wilde are apparently legal. Atlas hits a snapmare and kicks him in the spine. Atlas punches away at Wilde and talks some trash. Adonis tags in. Adonis and Atlas send Wilde into the ropes. Adonis hits a flapjack for a two count. Adonis clubs Atlas a few times and chokes him on the ropes. Atlas tags in and clubs Wilde’s chest. Atlas hits the Three Amigos on Wilde for a near fall. Atlas kicks Wilde in the ribs and slaps him in the head. Atlas clubs Wilde’s back and hits another snapmare. Wilde slides a bit and accidentally crotches himself on the ring post. Atlas punches him and climbs the ropes for an arm drag. Atlas stands on the top rope and jumps over Escobar. Atlas kicks Escobar in the face and hits a flying arm drag on Wilde while hitting Mendoza with a head-scissor takeover. That’s another old Eddie Guerrero move. Adonis tags in and fakes a dive onto Legado Del Fantasma. Scott then runs in and hits a spinning plancha to the ground that overshoots Legado Del Fantasma. Scott landed on his tailbone and is trying to hide the pain. Legado Del Fantasma went down anyway.

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We come back from the break to see Wilde stretching Adonis. Escobar tags in and stomps Adonis before tagging Mendoza in. Mendoza and Escobar hit Adonis with a double-team back elbow. They then slam Mendoza onto Adonis. Mendoza hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Mendoza stomps Adonis and soon tags Wilde in. Wilde attacks Adonis before tagging Escobar in. Escobar levels Adonis and taunts Scott and Atlas. Mendoza applies an arm bar right in front of Atlas and Scott. Adonis fights out and tags Atlas in.

Atlas hits everything that moves, wiping out Legado Del Fantasma. Scott tags in and attacks Escobar, who is also legal. Scott hits a rolling thunder flatliner for a near fall. Mendoza blind tags in, so Scott hits him with a back body drop. Scott gets on the apron and kicks Escobar back. Mendoza punches Atlas off the apron. Scott goes to the top rope, but Mendoza pulls him down. They brawl on the apron before Scott kicks him off. Mendoza then pulls Scott off the apron. Wilde goes for a somersault senton, but Atlas tries to catch him with a Spanish Fly to the floor onto everyone halfway through. Atlas didn’t rotate and nearly spiked himself on his head off the apron.

Scott gets Mendoza in the ring and goes for a JML Driver, but Mendoza gets out. Scott slams Mendoza, but the pin is broken up. Adonis tags in, and they go for a double-team on Mendoza. Mendoza hits a hurricanrana to send Adonis into Scott. Mendoza then gets Scott out of the ring. Escobar hits a stiff suicide dive on Scott and celebrates. Atlas then hits a cartwheel DDT off the commentary table on Escobar. In the ring, Wilde and Mendoza hit a kick to the face/side leg sweep combo for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Legado Del Fantasma (NXT)


NXT Drake Maverick and Killian Dain vs. Ever-Rise (Chase Parker and Matt Martel)
Maverick starts against Chase Parker. Parker powers him to the corner and tags Matt Martel in. They double-team Maverick and make frequent tags. Parker avalanches Maverick and Martel drops an elbow. They taunt Dain, but Dain scares them back. Dain tags in and attacks Parker before bringing Martel in. Dain clubs Martel down and sends Parker into the ropes for a Divide. They chop block Dain twice and apply a single leg crab. Martel shouts at Maverick that Dain is a loser like him. Maverick angrily fights back, but Martel sends him into the timekeeper’s area. Maverick hits Martel with a chair, gets in the ring, and hits Parker with the chair. The referee throws the match out.

Winners by Disqualification: Ever-Rise NXT
Maverick wipes out Ever-Rise with chair shots until they retreat. Dain looks stunned. Maverick is pumped up until he realizes he ruined the match for them. Dain then slaps him in the chest and says that was awesome. Dain is proud of him and heartily slaps him, knocking Maverick down. Dain asks where this guy was. Their campy music plays, and Dain accepts it.


NXT Kacy Catanzaro w/ Kayden Carter vs. Xia Li
They lock up, and Li applies a side headlock. Catanzaro whips her off, but Li shoudler blocks her down. Li rolls her up for a two count. Catanzaro slingshots over her and takes her down for a dropkick. Catanzaro hits a spinning splash for a two count. Li powers Catanzaro to the ropes and punches her. Li sends her into the ropes for a hip toss. Li chops the chest and starts to knee her in the head. Li kicks her down and picks up a two count. Li keeps trying to cover to no avail. Catanzaro fights back, rolls under a clothesline, and punches away at her. Li shoves her back, but Catanzaro hits a corner clothesline followed by a flipping leg drop. Catanzaro rolls her up for the win.

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Winner by Pinfall: Kacy Catanzaro (NXT)

Timothy Thatcher vs. Anthony
Thatcher forearms Anthony at the start of the match. Thatcher viciously knees him in the ribs and strikes away at him. Thatcher takes him down and submits him with a single leg crab.

Winner by Submission: Timothy Thatcher (NXT)



NXT Tag Team Championship
Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) (c’s) vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch
Fandango starts against Oney Lorcan. They lock up, and Lorcan arm drags him. They lock up again, and Fandango applies a side headlock. Lorcan tries to whip him off, but Fandango holds on. Lorcan finally does whip him off and goes for an arm drag, but Fandango counters into a side headlock. Lorcan whips him off, but Fandango shoulder blocks him down. Fandango hits the ropes and counters a leapfrog. Fandango chops the chest and goes for a roll-up, but Lorcan rolls out and applies a single leg crab. Fandango quickly gets to the bottom rope. Lorcan uppercuts him, so Fandango punches back. Danny Burch tags in, and they chop Fandango. Burch hits an arm breaker, but Fandango quickly comes back with a backslide pin for a two count.

Tyler Breeze tags in and attacks Burch. Breeze hits a suplex for a two count. Breeze applies a chin lock and clubs the back. Burch punches back at him, but Breeze powers him to the corner and shoulders him. Breeze stomps him down. Burch fights back and gets him out of the ring. Burch sends Breeze into the barricade before getting him in the ring. Breeze quickly takes Burch down and slams his knee off the post.


We come back from the break to see Lorcan roll Fandango up for a two count. Burch tags in, but Fandango fights them off. Both teams brawl at ringside. Lorcan gets in and goes for a suicide dive, but Breeze kicks him as he jumps. The camera angle shows Breeze completely whiffed on that. Fandango hits Burch with a falcon arrow in the ring followed by a top rope leg drop for a near fall. Breeze tags in, but Lorcan and Burch take him down. They apply a single leg crab/crossface combo. Fandango runs in to break it up.

Burch gets up and is shaking feeling into his injured knee. Breeze takes him down and viciously attacks the knee. Breeze goes to the top rope, but Burch cuts him off. Burch hits a hanging cutter off the top rope. Burch covers, but Fandango tackles Lorcan onto them to break up the pin. Breezango hit stereo superkicks on Lorcan and then Burch. Fandango goes to the top rope, but a masked person knocks him off to the floor. The referee is confused. Burch low blows Breeze while the referee is distracted. Lorcan and Burch hit a double-team DDT on Breeze for the win!

Winners by Pinfall and new NXT Tag Team Champions: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch
The masked person gets in the ring and celebrates with Lorcan and Burch. The person unmasks… it’s Pat McAfee! McAfee says Lorcan and Burch are the new Tag Team Champions… and that is UNDISPUTED!

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Chelsea FC beats Burnley 3-0, another clean sheet for Mendy

Benjamin Ukpabi



Chelsea Football club beat Burnley 3-0 and Mendy keeps another clean sheet.

Just few days after they won their UEFA Champions League match, they faced off with burley some minutes ago and they came out victorious

Ziyech started the goal campaign in the first half and in the second half, Kourt Zouma scored a second goal cusion. He is presently the highest goal scorer in the premier league. Then Timo Werner scored the last goal.

Edouard Mendy kept another clean sheet since his Cheslea goal keeping career. He is the second Chelsea goal keeper to keep a clean sheet since Petr Cech.

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Friday Night Smackdown results 30th October 2020

Benjamin Ukpabi



Friday night Smackdown results 30th October 2020

Survivor Series Qualifying Match — Jey Uso def. Daniel Bryan via pinfall after an Uso Splash. Uso fought angry in the early going, clearly emotional from his situation with Reigns. After a Bryan comeback, Reigns’ music hit and the universal champ made his way to ringside. The action continued, going back-and-forth, with Bryan eventually locking in the LeBell Lock before Uso was able to escape. Uso hit a superkick shortly after and an Uso Splash to pick up the victory. Reigns climbed into the ring after the match and Uso said, “You’re the head of the table, alright? I’m with you.” Reigns then turned and stared at Bryan and Uso delivered another superkick and splash to show his commitment to Reigns as he repeated, “I understand now. I love you too.” Reigns pointed to Bryan and said, “Make him understand,” so Uso dragged Bryan out of the ring, continuing to beat on him before driving him through an announce table with a splash from the top rope to the outside. Uso continued to batter Bryan as the show went off the air. (Friday night Smackdown)

The drama in this storyline was threatening to drift even closer to being too much after the Hell in a Cell match. Uso’s “understanding” — and subsequent attack on Bryan — pulled it back. Rather than continuing the push and pull between Reigns and Uso, Uso snapped and went over the edge with his cousin. And there are few more sympathetic characters to put on the end of Uso’s punches than Bryan. (Friday night Smackdown)

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Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy are in love
Early in the show, Aalyah Mysterio was shown speaking to Murphy backstage and stating that her mom has been very “open-minded” about the two of them, but that Rey and Dominik were refusing to even speak about the situation. Murphy said he would issue an official apology in the ring later in the night.

Murphy would eventually attempt to issue that apology. He said he understands why the Mysterios despise him, but as a man, he needed to apologize face-to-face. He invited the two to the ring, begging to be able to apologize, but instead it was Seth Rollins who emerged from backstage. Rollins said that Rey and Dominik would never accept Murphy’s apology or whatever relationship he had with Aalyah. Rollins then said that if the Mysterios don’t accept him, he will. And he’ll also accept Aalyah. Dominik attacked Rollins from behind, Murphy pulled him off and attacked Rollins himself. After Rollins ran away, Dominik and Murphy brawled until Rey ran in as well. Aalyah stopped Rey from hitting a 619 on Murphy and refused to leave the ring, declaring that she loves Murphy. Murphy and Aalyah then kissed as Dominik and Rey left the ring. (Friday night Smackdown)

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What else happened on WWE Friday night SmackDown?
Survivor Series Qualifying Match — Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall after a stunner.Robert Roode involved himself on the outside early, getting in a cheap shot on Owens. The referee caught on, however, and ejected Roode from ringside. Down the stretch, Owens countered a Ziggler superkick with one of his own before going for a pop-up powerbomb, but Ziggler countered into a fameasser for a near fall in a nice exchange. In the end, Owens was able to hit the stunner to pick up the victory and secure a place on Team SmackDown.
Lars Sullivan was interviewed by Corey Graves. Sullivan took issue with being called “a freak,” recalling being made fun of in his youth before crying and making those same kids scream 20 minutes later. Now he wants to make the world his personal playground — and personal hell on Earth. (Friday night Smackdown)

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Survivor Series Qualifying Match — Bianca Belair def. Billie Kay and Natalya via pinfall after hitting Kay with the Kiss of Death. The match came about when the three women confronted Adam Pearce backstage, all claiming they should captain the women’s team at Survivor Series. Pearce told them that they could settle things in the ring, with the winner earning a spot on the team. After a short match with some wild swings in momentum, Belair finished off Kay with the Kiss of Death.
The Street Profits def. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro via pinfall when Montez Ford hit Nakamura with a frog splash. Before the match, the Profits cut a promo on Survivor Series opponents The New Day, promising to get the victory in their champions vs. champions bout. (Friday night Smackdown)

Sasha Banks cut a promo on Bayley after beating her for the SmackDown women’s championship at Hell in a Cell. Banks said that she realized when Bayley turned on her, it wasn’t their team that was unstoppable, it was her. Bayley cut off the promo, pointing out that everyone knows Banks can win a championship, but she’s never been able to hold on to one. Finally, Bayley threw down the challenge for a title rematch on next week’s Friday night SmackDown.

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Lewandowski: most decorated player of the year.

Benjamin Ukpabi



Lewandowski is seen as the most decorated player of the year as he has one many trophies for his club and himself.

Lewandowski helped his team Bayern Munich to conquer the UEFA Champions League trophy and he was the highest scorer in the competition

The only trophy lewandowski didn’t win was the Ballon D’or which was cancelled this year due to the Corona virus. But most of his fans and football supporters have come out to side with him and they said he achieved what a mighty player could and he deserved the award.

Robert Lewandowski  born 21 August 1988) is a Polish professional footballer who plays as a striker for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and is the captain of the Poland national team. He is renowned for his positioning, technique and finishing, and is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world, and one of the best strikers in Bundesliga history. He has scored over 500 senior career goals for club and country.

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After being the top scorer in the third and second tiers of Polish football with Znicz Pruszków, Lewandowski moved to top-flight Lech Poznań, helping the team win the 2009–10 Ekstraklasa. In 2010, he transferred to Borussia Dortmund, where he won honours including two consecutive Bundesliga titles and the league’s top goalscorer award. In 2013, he also featured with Dortmund in the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final. Prior to the start of the 2014–15 season, Lewandowski agreed to join Dortmund’s domestic rivals, Bayern Munich, on a free transfer. In Munich, he has won the Bundesliga title in each of his first six seasons, and in 2016–17 and 2019–20 he was named the Bundesliga Player of the Season. Lewandowski was integral in Bayern’s UEFA Champions League win in 2019–20 as part of a treble. He is one of only two players to achieve the European treble, while being the top scorer in all three competitions.

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A full international for Poland since 2008, Lewandowski has earned over 110 caps and was a member of their team at UEFA Euro 2012, Euro 2016 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. With 63 international goals, Lewandowski is the all-time top scorer for Poland. He won IFFHS World’s Top International Goal Scorer of the Year Award in 2015. He has been named the Polish Player of the Year a record eight times.

In 2020, Lewandowski won the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year Award. He has been named to the UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season three times, and is the fourth-highest goalscorer in the history of the competition.Lewandowski has been named the VDV Bundesliga Player of the Season a record four times. He has scored over 200 goals in the Bundesliga, having reached the century mark quicker than any other foreign player, and is the league’s all-time leading foreign goalscorer.Moreover, He has won Bundesliga Top Scorer Award for five times. He was awarded four Guinness World Records for the fastest five-goal haul in any major European football league since records have been kept, after scoring five times in nine minutes against Wolfsburg in 2015.

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Lewandowski recently posted a picture on his Facebook page which shows him posing with all the trophies he on and in that post he said,

When someone doubts your abilities, start working twice as hard to prove that they are wrong💪 This is my story😎 #RL9

FC Bayern München

📸 Fritz Beck

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