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WWE Monday Night RAW Results for May 24, 2021



We go right to the ring and MVP is waiting with a mic. He introduces WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and out he comes with 5 models. These are different from the women he came out with last Monday night. Lashley and his ladies march to the ring as Virk shows us a video package with highlights from last week’s RAW, showing how Lashley got into it with Drew McIntyre in the opening segment, and then lost the Non-Title Open Challenge match to Kofi Kingston.

The models are booing the video and MVP has to calm them. MVP calls for a loud round of applause for Lashley. They go on about how life is great and MVP brings up a dark cloud hanging over them. That bitter, crass dark cloud has a name and it’s Drew McIntyre. Fans pop for Drew’s name. Lashley talks about beating Drew at WrestleMania 37, then beating Drew and Braun Strowman at WrestleMania Backlash, so it’s a no-go for Drew, we don’t want to see him anymore. MVP says they tried to move on from Drew by issuing the Open Challenge last week and Kofi Kingston thought he was worthy, but the dark cloud Drew had to show up again. The music interrupts and out comes Drew to the stage.

Drew says his business is getting back the WWE Title. He says he would’ve won at WrestleMania if it weren’t for MVP, and would’ve won at Backlash if it weren’t for Braun. Drew wants his one-on-one title shot and deep down he thinks Lashley wants the match also, to prove to himself once and for all that he is the #1 Superstar on RAW. Drew, who is in the ring now, says he could be wrong, maybe deep down Lashley knows he doesn’t measure up to Drew and doesn’t have the balls. Drew asks the models if Lashley has the bells. Drew brings up the loss to Kofi last week. Lashley argues about the match and they have words. The music interrupts and out comes The New Day – Kofi with Xavier Woods.

Kofi says they’re making some good points and he knows things move fast out here, but he doesn’t want them to forget that he pinned Lashley last week. He reminds us again. Kofi and Woods hit the ring now as the tension picks up. Kofi mentions how he and the fans want Drew to step aside as he did what Drew couldn’t do in months, pin Lashley. Out comes Adam Pearce to interrupt from the stage. Pearce has an easy solution. He announces Kofi vs. Drew for tonight with the winner challenging Lashley at Hell In a Cell. MVP says that is a great idea. He’s bringing the ladies and The VIP Lounge to the stage so they can watch the match. Kofi and Drew have words in the ring as MVP, Lashley and their models leave the ring. We go to commercial.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston – Number 1 Contender’s Match

Bobby Lashley attacks both Kofi and Drew after Drew is inadvertently sent into Bobby ringside by Kofi. Xavier joins in to defend Kofi and the match is thrown out.

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Winner: No Contest

Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Bobby after and briefly escapes the Claymore as he and MVP regroup in the back. Xavier, Kofi and Drew stand in the ring together.

We get a video package on what happened with Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley last week. We see video from earlier today where Ripley confronted Flair backstage and wished her good luck for tonight’s match with Asuka. They had words with Flair saying Ripley just wants to be like her. Flair then said it will be her face Ripley sees inside the Cell at Hell In a Cell. Nikki Cross then appeared and said she can beat both of them. Flair said she’d beat Cross in 2 minutes if she didn’t already have a match, and Cross isn’t worth her time. Ripley knocked Flair for always talking down to people. Flair told Ripley to beat Cross then. Ripley accepted the challenge from Cross and Flair to end the segment.

Rhea Ripley vs. Nikki Cross – Beat The Clock Challenge

Ripley continues to attack away at Nikki in the corner and continues to argue with officials. In doing so, time expires and she cannot defeat Nikki within 2 minutes.

Winner: Nikki Cross

After the match, Cross heads to the floor and starts celebrating as her music hits. Ripley looks on and seethes from the ring. Cross runs around the ring celebrating but the music interrupts and out comes Charlotte Flair. Flair poses on the ramp as pyro goes off and Ripley rolls her eyes in the ring. Fans boo and Cross taunts her. Flair points and laughs over what just happened. We go to commercial with Flair pointing at Ripley and laughing at her.

– Back from the beak and we get a promo for the upcoming return to touring. Damian Priest is backstage with brief comments to promote the 25-city tour.

– The announcers show us what happened with the end of Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre. Graves says as of now Bobby Lashley is without an opponent for Hell In a Cell. Drew walks in on Adam Pearce now. Kofi is right behind him and they’re both furious. Pearce says he’s upset over what happened also. A rematch will take place next week and nothing is changed, the winner will face Lashley at the pay-per-view. Kofi says he’s fine with that, as long as Pearce finds a way to keep MVP and Lashley away from the match. Kofi and Drew have a few more words and stare each other down to end the segment.

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Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

Flair wins by reversing the Asuka Lock and pinning her shoulders down.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

– Bobby Lashley is backstage getting a massage from his models on the couch. MVP is standing by. A crew member walks in and tells Lashley that Adam Pearce would like to see him. Lashley gets up and heads out as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and the announcers hype the upcoming return to touring with fans in attendance. We get a brief backstage promo with Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke hyping the tour.

MVP and Bobby Lashley approach Adam Pearce in his locker room. He asks what happened out there and if this is how Lashley wants to represent RAW as WWE Champion. Lashley takes offense and says he was just trying to help Pearce out. Pearce says the Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre rematch is set for next week and if MVP or Lashley show up at ringside, Lashley will be suspended for 90 days without pay. Lashley is furious but MVP backs him out of the room, telling him to save it for Hell In a Cell.

– We get a video package on the recent issues between Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Cedric Alexander

After a thumb to the eye, Cedric Alexander hits the Neutralizer for the victory.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Riddle vs. Xavier Woods

Xavier blocks the Bro-Derek, but Riddle responds with the RKO.

Winner: Riddle

– After the match, Riddle stands tall and celebrates as his music hits. We go to replays. Riddle does the RKO pose and looks into the camera, telling Randy Orton that this win was for him.

– We see what happened last week with Elias, Jaxson Ryker, and RAW Tag Team Champions Omos and AJ Styles. We see AJ and Omos walking backstage now. AJ heads to the ring by himself to face Ryker. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Charlotte Flair vs. RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley is announced for Hell In a Cell. They did not say if it will take place inside the Cell.

AJ Styles vs. Jaxson Ryker

Ryker rolls up Styles after being distracted by Elias hiding by the timekeeper’s area.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker

After the match, Omos comes down and catches Elias hiding. Elias and Ryker run up the ramp but Omos chases them. Omos sends Elias flying into the LED board on the stage. Omos walks back down to the ring to check on AJ as he recovers. Omos returns to the ring and helps AJ up.

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Sheamus vs. Humberto Carrillo

Sheamus rolls up Humberto with a handful of tights.

Winner: Sheamus

– After the bell, Sheamus immediately attacks Carrillo as the boos get louder. Sheamus slams Carrillo and applies the Cloverleaf submission. Ricochet suddenly flies in off the top rope, breaking the hold. Carrillo drops Sheamus next. Ricochet with a Shooting Star Press. Carrillo then nails a big flying moonsault. Ricochet comes right back with a springboard 450 on Sheamus as the two high-flyers take turns on The Celtic Warrior. Sheamus retreats to the floor as Ricochet and Carrillo stand tall in the ring.

– We see how Reginald was injured by the ring explosion during last week’s rematch for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. We also see how Shayna Baszler made Natalya to tap out on Friday’s SmackDown. Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Baszler, Reginald and Nia Jax, asking how they plan to win the titles back tonight. Jax says last week was a fluke and it won’t happen again. Baszler isn’t happy, saying Jax got distracted by Reginald last week. She talks about how Reginald is messed up from the explosion and having nightmares. Baszler asks who cares? Baszler says they were an unstoppable force before Reginald came along. Jax says they still are unstoppable. Baszler says let’s prove it by going out alone tonight. Reginald says he’s just trying to help. Baszler says if she sees Reginald ringside for one of her matches again, she will give him a real reason to have nightmares. Jax and Baszler walk off.

Natalya (C) and Tamina (C) vs. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

Natalya rolls up Baszler to retain after a distraction regarding Reginald on the outside.

Winner: Natalya and Tamina

After the match, we see Reginald holding his eyes on the stage, still hurt from the big explosion. Natalya and Tamina celebrate with the titles as their music hits and we go to replays of the finish. Baszler runs up the ramp and checks on Reginald now. She helps him up but then grabs him by his collar. We see Jax getting up at ringside, watching what is going on with Baszler and Reginald. Baszler calls Reginald a son of a b—h and says she’s tired of him interfering in her matches. Baszler says we’ll see how Reginald does next week when she faces him in the ring and if he has the balls, she will make him wish he was in the explosion. Baszler shoves Reginald down and storms off as RAW goes off the air.

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