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WWE Smackdown results October 17th 2020

Benjamin Ukpabi



WWE Smackdown results October 17th 2020

WWE Universal Championship — Roman Reigns (c) def. Braun Strowman via submission with a guillotine choke. Reigns immediately took the fight to Strowman, hitting him with an early Superman punch and then a drive-by dropkick. Reigns continued to dominate until Strowman was able to mount a comeback outside the ring, slamming Reigns into the ring post and tossing him over the announce table before knocking him over the ringside barricade. Strowman had to make another comeback, hitting a dominator and a chokeslam, but Reigns hit a low blow as he kicked out, leaving an opening for a spear for a Reigns near fall. Reigns tried for another spear, but Strowman avoided the hold. Reigns was able to lock in a guillotine choke, however and used the hold to force Strowman to tap out.

Following Reigns’ victory, Jey Uso’s music hit and he made his way to the entrance ramp. Reigns looked at Uso and signaled for him to watch before hitting Strowman with a post-match spear. Reigns motioned for Uso to come to the ring, which Uso obliged before Paul Heyman handed Reigns a steel chair. Reigns pointed to Strowman and said, “This is how we eat. If I’m not on top, we don’t do this.” Reigns followed up by issuing a dire warning to Uso, saying, “If I can do this to him, imagine what I can do to you.” Reigns then laid into Strowman with the chair before chasing off WWE officials and continuing the assault. Uso climbed into the ring as Reigns said, “I love you, I would never do this to you, but you forced my hand.” After Reigns told Uso that he had forced his hand, he told him to swing the chair and turned his back. Uso threw down the chair, yelling that he would not before punching Reigns and dropping him to the canvas with a superkick. Uso then unloaded on Reigns with the chair before officials stopped the attack, allowing Reigns to hit a Superman punch before leaving the ring in a mix of frustration and sadness.

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It’s no surprise at this point that putting Reigns and Uso in the ring produces a weird kind of magic. Genuine emotion isn’t a strong point in modern wrestling, but it has been what has made Uso and Reigns a special program. The bout between Reigns and Strowman was fine for a TV main event, and Reigns breaking out a submission to win is a nice wrinkle. But this was all about Uso and Reigns, with Strowman serving mostly as a prop to the bigger story.

What else happened on WWE SmackDown?
Lars Sullivan def. Jeff Hardy via pinfall after a Freak Accident. The match came after a show-opening brawl between nearly the entire SmackDown locker room. Sullivan popped up from a Twist of Fate before hitting his finish.

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The New Day def. Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura & Sheamus via pinfall after hitting The Midnight Hour on Sheamus. This was presented as something of a “goodbye” for the team as they were split in the WWE Draft. The match itself was an excellent, fast-paced bout with some big spots and a very strong final stretch before New Day got an emotional win.

Seth Rollins found himself outnumbered by Daniel Bryan, Murphy and Rey & Dominik Mysterio. Rollins interrupted Bryan’s promo addressing his return to action, leading to a brawl before Rollins was chased off. But before he could escape the ringside area, the Mysterios entered the picture and Bryan left them to their business. Murphy appeared, seemingly evening the odds, but then attacked Rollins. The Mysterios still weren’t buying Murphy’s actions, refusing to shake his hand at the end of the segment.

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SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The Street Profits (c) def. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode via disqualification when Ziggler and Roode continued to double-team after the referee’s warnings. This was clearly a set-up for what will be SmackDown’s main tag program for the near future, so no clear ending was likely from the jump.

Bayley refused to sign the contract for her Hell in a Cell match with Sasha Banks. After a fiery promo by Banks, Bayley shoved the contract across the table and left the ring saying, “I don’t have to sign anything.” Banks called her a coward and said she would sign the contract one way or another.

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Banks commence emergency system update due to threats from Anonymous

Wisdom Nwachukwu



A global hacktivist network known as Anonymous stirred an aggressive campaign in Nigeria two weeks ago, Nigerian banks as part of the precautionary measure has decided embark on an immediate emergency upgrade.

Mohammed Abdullahi Minister of State for Science and Technology confirmed the threat from Anonymous, he clearly stated there was a well planned attacks on important government Databases.

Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy Isa Pantami, also  admitted that some government websites were tampered with. He said: ‘‘On my instruction, the NITDA and NCC worked almost round the clock last week to rectify the situation and ensure no vital data was compromised. I am happy the websites are back and running now.”

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He also assured Nigerians that stringent measures have been take taken to avoid further attacks,  emphasized  for all the relevant organization to upgrade their system.



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21 people confirmed dead in an auto crash at Enugu State.

Benjamin Ukpabi



21 people have been confirmed dead in an auto crash at Enugu State

Twenty-one people, including schoolchildren, have died in an accident in Enugu State, south-east Nigeria.

The Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Enugu, Ogbonna Kalu, confirmed the incident on Thursday.

He explained that the nature of the accident was a collision that involved a school bus and a trailer in the state.

Kalu added that the incident happened at Mgbowo in Awgu Local Government Area of the state, saying it was as a result of dangerous driving.


The Federal Road Safety Corps, on Thursday, confirmed the death of 21 people, including school children, in an auto crash at Mgbowo in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State.

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The Enugu Sector Commander, Mr Ogbonna Kalu, who confirmed the incident, said the accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon.

He said the accident involved a school bus and trailer.

The commander blamed the accident on speeding beyond the limit and dangerous driving.

Kalu said, “21 persons have been confirmed dead and more than 50 persons were in the school bus.

“Also of note is that not all the deaths were school children. Those working on the roadside were part of the casualties.

“From available information, the accident was caused by dangerous driving.”

We gathered that the tragic incident occurred when a Lowbed truck belonging to a construction firm working at Oji-River – Awgu Federal Road lost control and rammed into a school bus conveying over 60 pupils of the Presentation Nursery and Primary School, Awgu owned by the Catholic Diocese of Awgu home.

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Buhari rejects Amnesty reports, gives ministers one week to submit ENDSARS reports

Benjamin Ukpabi



The President Muhammadu Buhari has given ministers one week ultimatum to submit reports of their consultations with their constituents on the ongoing #ENDSARS protests which had been hijacked by hoodlums thereby resulting in a state of lawlessness in different parts of the country.

Recall that President Buhari had at last week’s Federal Executive Council, FEC, meeting told the Ministers to go and interface with their constituents in a bid to stop the looting and burning of government and private properties by hoodlums as aftermath of the protest against police brutality.

It was gathered that President Buhari has given the cabinet members one week to turn in their reports on their town hall meeting with their consultants.

The Presidency Thursday rejected the report of Amnesty International alleging that the report on the Lekki shootings was skewed.

The Presidency said the Amnesty International cannot have more facts about things happening in the country than the President

Speaking at the Sunrise Daily, a Channels Television programme, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Chief Femi Adesina, disputed the allegations that the looting and rioting was not caused by the military shootings, insisting that there was already violence in some parts of the country before the Lekki incident.

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Fielding question that the looting was a fall out of the Lekki shootings, Adesina said, “You are not quite correct. You are falling for the narrative of Amnesty International. And Amnesty is wrong. Anarchy had broken loose before even Lekki. The prisons in Benin and Oko had been broken open before Lekki. Orile police station had been burnt before Lekki.

“Many policemen had been burnt before Lekki. So, you cannot say it was Lekki that precipitated all those things. Look at the timelines, look at all those things. You will discover that it had happened before Lekki. So, you are falling for the gambit of Amnesty International.

“Amnesty International does not have all the facts, they don’t run this country, they shouldn’t know beyond what they have been told. They shouldn’t know more than you and I should know as media people as watchers of developments.”

Asked if it was the President’s thinking that Amnesty’s report was wrong, Chief Adesina alleged that Amnesty International was in the habit of making unsubstantiated reports about Nigeria.

According to him, “Many times, the military has come out to dispute facts brought out by Amnesty.”

When asked whether President Buhari approved the military action in Lekki as the commander-in-chief, the presidential Spokesman said he would not want to undermine the work of the panel of inquiry looking into the matter.

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Speaking on the directives to ministers to visit states to douse tentions in their respective states, Adesina said: “I can tell you because there was another Federal Executive Council meeting yesterday (Wednesday), the president asked for briefs from ministers who went out. Only two had their reports ready as at yesterday because some others were still in their respective states still carrying out their assignment.

“So, the president said all of them should turn in their reports through the Secretary to the Government of the Federation in the incoming week.”

Asked what to expect out of the reports, Adesina said: “Well, it can only be positive.

“One, it will help us to establish the truth to something’s because there are a lot of conjectures, colourations, outright falsehoods, fake news and all that. The ministers can come with what is near authentic based on the consultations they are going to make.”

The Water Resources Minister Sulaiman Adamu, had during a courtesy call to Governor Muhammadu Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa State in Dutse, disclosed that ministers were directed to meet with stakeholders to explain federal government’s efforts to meet the demands of the youths.

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He had said that the cabinet members were directed to “go to our states to solicit the support of political, traditional, religious and community leaders against the violence that emanated from # EndSARS protests.”

Adamu had said he was therefore in the state to meet with leaders on “promoting tolerance, peace and stability in this critical moment and hear from them and report back to him (Buhari) immediately.”.

Adamu had also acknowledged that the #ENDSARS protests started well and was in line with the Nigerian constitution only to be hijacked along the line by those who infringed on the rights of other citizens, killed innocent persons, looted and engaged in other criminal acts.

He said: “President Muhammad Buhari is soliciting the support of all other political leaders in the state to properly address the people of the state on the need to dispel any rumour that is tantamount to creating disunity among Nigerians and also throw the nation into crisis.”

The Minister of State for Power, Prince Jedy-Agba was in Cross River State few days ago with his constituents on the matter.

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